This blog is a simple warning for whoever comes across this serial cheater and scammer. One of the victims that was ripped off for over 7 years told me that she should come with a health warning,  and I personally couldn’t agree more.

She’s been jumping from one “public” relationship to another every 6 months. As 6 months usually is the hard limit for everyone to start finding out the truth about all her infinite lies and about all the scammed ‘’sponsors’’ behind her.

She cheated on every single relationship she had, managing to keep 4 man involved at the same time milking each one of them for her own benefits.

Her Facebook list of blocked contacts exceeds the main friend list, changing accounts on Facebook and Instagram every few months as soon as the scam comes out and the truth starts to spread. She changed her name 20 times by now with Pair, Pear, Peary, Pairie simply because her name was popping up on Google with the worst shit you could immagine.

By doing some maths she managed to get out over £ 200.000 ruining emotionally and financially poor men that were simply seeking for love and attempting to help out this narcissist psycho.

She is a compulsive liar and will use all the worst possible ways to trick you in believing her, swearing on her son constantly and using him as an excuse for all the shit she’s been doing.

Despite her lies she never had a real job in 25 years, never worked for 1 single day. Her work was sleeping with her elderly sponsors while simulating a fake work in a sport club or thai restaurants in UK.

The world wide web was full of her naked pictures and other type of revenge material that angry and desperate men posted years ago multiple times. But this is not an revenge action and there’s no need for revenge at all. The scammed money and the invested emotions will never come back, but hopefully this “health warning” will help some future victim to realise with who they are dealing with.

[edit: in February we found that she was openly whoring herself through escort websites while still conning multiple men as usual, scroll down for further info]

Dear Pairie, Pair, Pear, Peary, Laksamon, ลักษมน, etc – Fingers crossed that the Karma will take the necessary measures with your pathetic life.

With love from all of us:

  1. B
  2. J
  3. F
  4. B
  5. T
  6. B
  7. P
  8. S
  9. R

…etc etc etc………….etc..

ps: after close to 10 years of conning multiple men around the world (she started her career at 16 on web chat rooms) she has developed incredible manipulation skills and she is a professional and a compulsive liar. She’s been spreading lies for months in a attempt to save her face. All the material on this blog was already showed to the law enforcements and it’s still available to be seen directly from the phones with her original contact numbers. Other than that the video and the phone recordings CANNOT LIE.  The law enforcements have been alerted by multiple victims (Italy, Australia, Netherlands, UK, Thailand, etc) and most of them are still saving a massive amount of proofs that were made available to the law enforcements. As insane and shocking this whole thing may look (for a normal human being) not a single fact on this blog was over exaggerated or manipulated, everything is backed up by various media proofs and can be confirmed by at least 6 victims any time, and the reality is actually even worse than the one we managed to report on this online space. 

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2015-12-13 13.10.00

New 2016 Jan-Feb Victim

Between January and February while escorting herself on daily basis to 3-5 different men and after being refused by all her ex boyfriends in UK and Netherlands (see posts below) she jumped on another poor victim just to fulfil her infinite boredom and emptiness.




This is the same guy that she used on S. Valentine after she begged both of her UK boyfriends to meet her. She switched her privacy to public just to show that she had someone with her too, taking hidden pictures on his back in a very sad attempt to make someone jealous:




On 26 and 27 February after seeing me in a company of another woman she switched her instagram privacy to public again and started publishing the same sad pictures as before:




Once confronted via private messages this was her answer:


2016-02-28 14.22.30



This poor man is clearly another victim that isn’t aware that she is having sex with 4-5 customers a day and in between seeing him and begging all her ex boyfriends back. This is a typical modus operandi that she did with me too 8 months ago, when she starts to lose control of her victim because they finally start to open their eyes she tries in a very desperate and pathetic way to grab their attention back again. She has no ability to feel any sort of remorse, despite having cheated an insane amount of times she is still trying to strike back and send negative energy, as a sociopath narcissist she is unable to accept that people are able to move on from her and live their own life, and she uses whoever she can just to cause some sort of reactions from her past victims.



A self deluded pathological liar

Thu, 07/30/2015

17:36	Paul	Lying to me about visa for all these months is truly fucked

21:32	Paul	All u did was lie to me for 6 years 

21:33	Paul	Very sad

22:22	Paul	Just read pairielaksamon.com and now I know the full story about u

22:23	Paul	Just as I thought u have been lying, cheating, stealing and ripping me off for years!!

22:23	Paul	I'm reporting u to the Australian Federal Police

22:25	Paul	You disgust me

23:33	😈 Peary 😈	been

23:33	😈 Peary 😈	cancelled

23:33	😈 Peary 😈	😔

23:33	Paul	What?

23:35	Paul	What's been cancelled?

23:40	Paul	U happy and proud of yourself??

23:41	Paul	U there?

23:44	Paul	Just stop lying

23:46	Paul	You've been lying to me since we met haven't u?

23:47	😈 Peary 😈	what

23:47	😈 Peary 😈	no

23:47	😈 Peary 😈	its done

23:47	😈 Peary 😈	its gone

23:47	Paul	Tell me...

23:48	Paul	How much money do u think u have taken from me in the last 6 years??

23:48	Paul	Just try and guess how much...

23:49	😈 Peary 😈	nothing

23:49	😈 Peary 😈	u gave to me to support me coz we were gf bf

23:50	Paul	Ic

23:51	Paul	How much?

23:51	Paul	"$30000? 

23:51	Paul	What do u think?

23:53	Paul	Well??

23:54	Paul	So...u made a visa application...but now u cancelled it??

23:57	Paul	Answer me

23:59	Paul	Not answering as usual

Fri, 07/31/2015

00:01	Paul	Do u want to talk or not?

00:02	😈 Peary 😈	we have nothing to talk

00:02	😈 Peary 😈	u push me too far

00:02	Paul	U cancelled the visa app??

00:02	😈 Peary 😈	im leaving kitchen and getting a new job next week

00:03	😈 Peary 😈	yeah i went there and told them i was my passport back. they havent give me yet

00:03	😈 Peary 😈	as its in the processing

00:03	😈 Peary 😈	takes 7 days

00:03	😈 Peary 😈	to get it

00:03	Paul	Ur lying

00:03	Paul	U always lie

00:03	😈 Peary 😈	am i 😄

00:03	😈 Peary 😈	ok

00:03	😈 Peary 😈	then dont talk to me

00:03	Paul	I know all about u

00:04	Paul	Ur famous now

00:05	Paul	I will be meeting with Australian Federal Police very soon

00:06	Paul	[Photo]

00:06	Paul	[Photo]

00:06	Paul	[Photo]

00:06	Paul	Some gf huh???

00:06	Paul	U been taking money from me and cheating and lying

00:06	😈 Peary 😈	i wasnt

00:06	Paul	With many men at once

00:07	Paul	The game is up!!

00:08	Paul	I have records of every transaction I ever sent u

00:08	Paul	When the dates are matched against the information from the other men

00:08	Paul	It will prove everything

00:09	Paul	U lie and deceive men for money

00:09	Paul	From all over the world

00:12	Paul	Richard Chamberlain

00:12	Paul	Ben Bracewell

00:13	Paul	Bart Commandeur

00:13	Paul	4 abortions

00:14	Paul	Ur a liar and a thief

00:15	Paul	U disgust me

00:18	😈 Peary 😈	i didnt want to hurt you. ur an old man. theres so many time i try break up with you

00:18	😈 Peary 😈	i never loved u 

00:18	😈 Peary 😈	i loved roger

00:18	😈 Peary 😈	thats why i married him

00:18	😈 Peary 😈	i have a new life now

00:19	😈 Peary 😈	i met some bad people. i have enough of insult and shit

00:19	😈 Peary 😈	i dont want anymore

00:19	😈 Peary 😈	that guy is in prison now

00:19	Paul	I will see u put either in gaol

00:19	Paul	Or never able to leave Thailand

00:19	😈 Peary 😈	and IT police is taking cate of it

00:19	Paul	Whatever

00:19	Paul	U were unfaithful to me

00:19	😈 Peary 😈	what can you do. i did nothing wrong to u

00:19	Paul	U lies

00:20	😈 Peary 😈	i never yes

00:20	Paul	U lied

00:20	😈 Peary 😈	coz i never loved u paul

00:20	😈 Peary 😈	never

00:20	😈 Peary 😈	i never wanted u

00:20	😈 Peary 😈	but ur good

00:20	Paul	Yes but u took money

00:20	😈 Peary 😈	i didnt want to hurt u

00:20	Paul	U pretended

00:20	Paul	U lied

00:20	😈 Peary 😈	it was ur choice

00:20	😈 Peary 😈	u wanted to help

00:20	Paul	U never made visas

00:20	😈 Peary 😈	i didnt steal from ur pocket

00:20	😈 Peary 😈	its a gift

00:20	Paul	No u emotionally blackmailed me

00:21	😈 Peary 😈	reallky

00:21	Paul	Look up the word "fraud"

00:21	😈 Peary 😈	where is it that i have any emotional with u

00:21	😈 Peary 😈	i said i needed money

00:21	😈 Peary 😈	u sent

00:21	😈 Peary 😈	haha

00:21	😈 Peary 😈	ok

00:21	Paul	Goodbye u will be hearing from the police

00:21	😈 Peary 😈	goodbye. sorry 

00:22	Paul	And u might wanna check out pairielaksamon.com very interesting reading

00:22	😈 Peary 😈	one thing i always lie to 

00:22	😈 Peary 😈	u

00:22	😈 Peary 😈	ur not sexy. not handsome

00:22	Paul	Especially about Roger killing himself

00:22	😈 Peary 😈	ur ugly

00:22	😈 Peary 😈	old

00:22	Paul	Haha

00:22	😈 Peary 😈	bad breath

00:22	Paul	Whatever

00:22	😈 Peary 😈	as well

00:34	Paul	I gave u every opportunity  to have a new life but all u did was lie about visas u never applied for, took money from me for made-up stories

00:34	Paul	I was sending money to pay for ur house

00:35	Paul	At the same time u were taking money from Roger and Richard

00:35	Paul	And then Roger ended up killing himself because he found out u were cheating on him too!!

00:36	Paul	And u call that love???

00:36	😈 Peary 😈	my husbad has aheart faiuler

00:36	😈 Peary 😈	i drove him to hospital

00:36	😈 Peary 😈	i was happily married

00:36	😈 Peary 😈	on the beach

00:36	😈 Peary 😈	i love the man

00:36	😈 Peary 😈	and i still do

00:36	😈 Peary 😈	i didnt kill him

00:36	😈 Peary 😈	u can shut ur filty mouth now

00:37	Paul	Ur a bad person Laksamon Yodseranee

00:37	Paul	A deceiver

00:37	Paul	A compulsive liar

00:37	Paul	A user

00:38	Paul	A fraud

00:38	Paul	All I have I will give to the AFP

00:39	Paul	Definitely u will never be allowed into Australia

00:39	Paul	Interpol too if I can

00:40	Paul	U say I pushed u too far...u never did anything for me except lie that u were my gf and fiancé

00:41	Paul	Ur a criminal

00:48	Paul	The Singapore and Malaysian consulates will get a phone call too 

00:48	Paul	That will be embarrassing when u try to travel with John in your "new job"

00:49	Paul	When they stop u

06:09	Paul	Lapissrone....u can change ur name to whatever u want...it doesn't change who u r and what u have done and continue to do

06:10	Paul	U have admitted that u never loved me...

06:11	Paul	Also that u had many men at once that u were convincing to send u money

06:12	Paul	And that u never made visas when u accepted money from me which was to pay for visa fees and application costs

06:17	Paul	U also told me that u were fighting a legal battle to get Roger's money and begged me for large sums of money for that...and promised that it was for our future an that u would pay me back

06:19	Paul	One example of that is the personal loan I got for $7000...all of this...the courts, the bank loan, the transactions....

06:19	Paul	There is paperwork an proof for all of it

06:21	Paul	5 years Richard Chamberlain has been sending u money...

06:21	Paul	That overlaps with both Roger and me

06:22	Paul	I have photos, emails, phone records and money transactions to prove the timeline

06:23	Paul	Your passport will prove your movements 

06:26	Paul	You're a con-woman and while I don't agree with the publishing of rude and pornographic pictures of you being put on the Internet....

06:27	Paul	Everyone should be warned about you and the people (like me) that you have deceived and defrauded deserve justice

16:55	Paul	I want u to know...

16:55	Paul	That I have no intention of posting any naked or porn-type images of u on the Internet...I don't agree with that

16:57	Paul	However, every Australian department, agency, police and any other individuals that will listen..will know what u do and what u have done

16:58	Paul	And I also want to say...I feel very sorry for Mika...that poor little boy must be so confused to have seen u bring so many different men into his life

16:59	Paul	Money cannot fix that sort of psychological damage

17:03	Paul	Btw..I never accused u of killing Roger

17:04	Paul	Only that he may have killed himself...because u were playing him and the other guy in UK at the same time

Sat, 08/01/2015

09:34	Paul	Who do u work for?

14:39	Paul	U must be dying to laugh and tell me how stupid I have been....

Tue, 08/04/2015

08:36	Paul	Ur an international whore

10:28	😈 Peary 😈	did you have emailing people

10:28	😈 Peary 😈	fun*

10:30	Paul	The fun is just starting 

10:30	😈 Peary 😈	dont chat all cool

10:31	😈 Peary 😈	when ur email is crying

10:31	😈 Peary 😈	dont send anything at all

10:32	Paul	I now know that I was nothing more to u than a payday

10:33	Paul	That u manipulated and lied and cheated on me...

10:33	Paul	When u promised that u were my gf and fiancé

10:34	Paul	A lot of the time u weren't even in Thailand 

10:36	Paul	And u were financing holidays with other men from money that u were receiving from me 

10:39	Paul	Money that I sent to pay for house, car, food, visa fees and mika's school etc

10:40	Paul	But none of it was for what u said it was...ur an international con-woman

10:41	Paul	Telling people u are their faithful, loving partner and promising a future....when all you are doing is using them for money and going with other men at the same time

10:44	Paul	I worked my ass off and got in huge debt to "support" u and it was all lies...approx. $100,000 in 5.5yrs...and I still owe about $30,000 on credit cards

10:47	Paul	Well...say something!!!!

10:48	Paul	My email was truthful

10:50	Paul	U don't care at all and u know that u r crushing people's hearts and ruining their lives...as long as u get money

10:51	Paul	"Even when u were married u were still doing this!!! 
I offered u a way to have a normal, honest, healthy, happy life"

10:52	Paul	Instead I'll be surprised if u make it to 30!

10:54	Paul	Everything was a lie

10:54	Paul	No apartment with Som or in Bangkok 

10:55	Paul	No reception or kitchen jobs in hotels

10:55	Paul	U even made up people's names for your stories

10:56	Paul	And P'Mint for the things u asked me to buy....u collected them yourself in London

10:57	Paul	Admit it!!!! It was all lies

10:58	Paul	SAY IT!!!

Sun, 08/16/2015

20:36	Paul	What a disgustingly shameful way u have chosen

Wed, 08/26/2015

03:13	Paul	What a disgustingly shameful way u have chosen

03:18	Paul	The night u ran away from me at the Anantara Riverside u went and fucked a guy in his bathroom!!! Then the next day u came back to me and we travelled to chaiyaphum...then u ran away again!!! 

03:18	Paul	Do u have no morality at all????

03:19	Paul	Btw...all your fevers..bleeding between periods, stomach pain, pussy discharge...


03:20	Paul	No surprise for a whore

03:21	Paul	Karma is coming for u

03:21	Paul	55555555

2015-09-11 15.55.432015-09-11 15.55.43

City b Hunter

Last victim [of the year 2015] + her real job

I’ve been in a relationship with Peary for close to 7 months. We first met in Pattaya during my holidays where she was supposedly on holidays too.

Since the day we met she convinced me that she had a job in a sport club in UK and she even phoned her ‘boss’ in front of me various times. At that time she just got dumped by her boyfriend B** from UK.

When we first met I found a website online on her name pairielaksamon.com which was describing her as a thief, scammer and prostitute, there were loads of her naked pictures, western union payments and other nasty things. There was also a picture of her son and her mother and I decided to help her out simply because there was a 6 yo kid near her pornographic pictures and videos. The website was stating that she was a scammer and that she was having sex with 60-70 years old men for money and many other things, however she somehow managed to convince me that it was all about her ex boyfriend that was mad at her and another infinite pile of lies. The ‘revenge porn’ story looked credible enough..

We spent a whole month together between Pattaya and Bangkok where she didn’t miss a  single day of making fun of the bar (prostitute) girls and looking down at them all. Despite being constantly on alert after what I have seen on that website she managed to fool me day after day, the last week before I left she made a tattoo on her wrist with my initial letter on it and cried herself on the airport.

Once back in Italy we decided to meet again, as she was “working” in UK and I was able to move around without many work issues. We met in august and we spent 2 weeks together in rented apartments and basically having holidays around London. Something worth mentioning is that since I left Bangkok she was on my neck on daily basis, infinite messages of love, asking me to marry me, crying on webcam, sending me naked pictures and videos on daily basis.. She looked completely in love.

While in UK she told me that her boss had another business in Spain and that she would have to go to work there in November. She convinced me to move to UK until November so I could follow her up to her new work in Spain after.

I moved to a new country, rented a flat, bought furniture, spent loads of money just to stay closer to her “work” so we would have the chance to see each other more often until finding a more definitive solution.

In all this time I found her using a dating app and noticed that she was often hiding things on the phone. I started to check on her regularly, on her Facebook phone etc.. The relationship however was fine. I had my own company in UK and I was going to work in the morning and she would wait for me at home, everything was normal.  She would stay for some weeks and then leave to go back to “work” few times. In October she left for Thailand as she had to renew her VISA, she had to move to Spain for work in November but she would stop in UK first to spend some time with me, and then we would have arranged the next move.

In the mean time I was sorting her out a business so she could afford to pay her bills in Thailand without having to worry about that and without the need to move to Spain etc.

The 3 weeks in Thailand became 2 months and she was torturing me psychologically on daily basis, I tried to break up with her on 3 occasions but each time she would send me hundreds of messages and calls, begging me back, sending me videos of her crying completely desperate.. She even told me that she would hurt herself if I left her.

I started to smell shit because I caught her lying about her VISA application and basically she was saying such an infinite amount of lies that  everything slowly started to fall a part.. but I wasn’t still aware of what was really going on.

The second week of December she was in Bangkok as she had to fly to UK, the night before she got completely wasted and turned her phone off in my face at 4 AM and stopped answering.. That was the moment I decided to remove her completely out of my life.. Of course the morning after she started to beg and stalk like a fool, it looked like a matter of life or death.. She went to home, “changed her flight” and came the day after.. [I would know only later that she was in Bangkok without any luggage, without any ticket to UK, without any intention of flying to UK, with a ticket booked to fly to Malaga, and that she was having sex with a guy met the same night through a dating website and that she was using her friend as a cover up during the night]

She came to UK, everything was normal, she was supposed to stay for a month and spend the Christmas and New Year together.. The 4th day I noticed she was acting in a suspicious way and I asked her to give me her phone, despite me using her phone various times before and she using mine continuously she went full retard refusing to give it to me.. I took the phone out of her hands and she literally assaulted me, screaming like a fool, scratching my right arm and using all her strength to take her phone back.. I tried to push her away few times but my skin was bleeding and I slapped her with my left hand to push her away..

[this is the moment where all her castle of lies starts to fall a part]

She admits that she didn’t want me to see the phone because she slept once with her “boss” and he was flirting with her and she was trying to get rid of him. She also says that she went out for dinner with him 3 times just to keep him happy but that was it. The sex with him was while she was with her ex boyfriend B**.  [Her boss is a 54 yo man and she spent every single day of those 6 months telling me how disgusting he was and a huge amount of negative comments, I would only find later that he wasn’t her boss and that she never worked]

The slap I gave her have left a small mark on her right eye and she took the picture of it and sent it to her mother. I decided to end it there but while we were talking a message came to her Facebook from a guy saying that he was ‘Paul from Thaifriendly, a dating website used in Thailand’.. I replied him back asking him a screen shot of her account and he showed me the message of her asking him to add her Facebook the day before she had to fly to UK. I had a panic attack and I pretended from her to give me the password of the thai friendly account to see what she did.. As a result she got her mother to call the police to my flat and this is exactly what happened less than 15 minutes later.. 4 cops arrived in my flat that were called by one of her thai friends that was called by her mother. [I will find later that her mother was completely aware that she was a prostitute, a cheater and that she was conning 3-4 men at the same time, that’s why she rushed the police at my flat as the pandora box was about to get open]

Since she had a mark on her eye they had to drive me to the police station where I could be potentially arrested for domestic violence. I spent 4 hours in the cell waiting to be interviewed, however once my turn came and I explained the full story, showing the marks on my skin (half of my right arm was blue and black) along with the video/audio recordings I made and they fully understood what was really going on and they left me go without any records and they even felt sorry for me and drove me home.

As soon as I got home I finally decided FOR THE FIRST TIME to contact her boss and tell him what the hell was going on… And here starts the fun..

Her “boss” tells me that she never ever worked for him, they were in a relationship for 1 year and that she was asking him to marry him constantly.. He also sends me the pictures of her booked flight to Malaga as she was supposed to go there directly instead of UK. My whole world starts to fall a part, she was telling me bullshit stories about her colleagues, about her day at work, she was even sending me pictures of the club every day telling me that she was doing the make up for the spouse, telling how the customers were flirting with her and other infinite no-sense.. It was ALL a complete and total lie, she didn’t work for 1 single day. But the lie was so deep and absurd that no human being would ever believe that this could keep going for 6 months..

I also contacted another man that I know about from the website pairielaksamon.com that was made by her ex boyfriend, and he started to tell me the most absurd and unbelivable stories.. The guy a 59 years old man from UK was engaged and in a relationship with her for over 6-7 years. He also told me that she got close to £ 150 000 from him.. Without counting the shop he bought, the cars, the ‘school fees’ of her son etc etc..

At the same time she started calling me telling me that she booked a hotel near my home and begs me to see me.. She wasn’t aware that I knew what she really did.. When she walked in my flat I recorded the whole conversation [ video here ] and she admits on sleeping with her “boss”, not working , cheating on me .. but she swears on her son an infinite amount of times that they had sex only 3 times and that she was doing it only to pay her bills..  During the day she made sure to send the pictures of her eye to my business partner, publish it on Facebook and send it to god knows who else in order to defend herself from the truth that was about to come out.

The same morning she’s on the taxi leaving to her Thai friend in Dorset.. Because the 59 yo man was warned of what was going on and he refused to take her with him as he didn’t want anymore troubles.

Few days after I got the information that before coming to UK, the same night before, she was in a hotel having sex with a man from thaifriendly.com.. I confirmed everything with the friend that was with her that night.. She admits that she used her as a cover up while video calling me so I wouldn’t find out about the guy that was with her.. She even had the courage to call me at 3 AM from his bedroom while he was in the bathroom. Now you would think that this would be enough even for a thai whore.. but this was only the start..

In the next week she cries, begs me as usual.. Lies and more lies.. But I decided that this has to end.  While in Thailand she calls me and video calls me regularly, begs me back while drunk… until after some days she stops answering her phone at night telling me that her mother didn’t want her to talk with me.. I found out few days after that she was in Phuket with the 54 yo sponsor that flied to Thailand and paid her the ticket..

While she’s in Phuket with him she stalks me on daily basis, calls, messages, begs me to wait for her.. She swears that she doesn’t have sex with him but that it’s only for money.. While there with him she even made a tattoo on her pube with my name on it as a proof that she wasn’t having sex with him.. I of course took the pictures and sent them to her sponsor.. [ I will get to know only later that she told him that the tattoo was temporary and that she did it only to trick me in not putting back her website, and he believed her]

I decide to contact few of her ex boyfriends through Facebook and we decide to upload the video recordings of her online.. And magically less than a week later..not 1..not 2..but 3 more victims contacted me because they were scammed by her and they found the videos online:

Here’s the damage estimates:

1- Her last ‘’boss’’ lost over £ 20 000

2- The 59 yo man that was engaged with her over £ 150 000

3- Another victim from Australia showed me hundreds of invoices for over $ 100 000, he was engaged with her too for 5 years or so..at the same time with 2-3 other man.

4- Patrick her first husband and the father of her kid that was arrested in 2009 for being a child molester and pedophilehttp://articles.orlandosentinel.com/2010-06-18/news/os-orlando-child-exploitation-20100618_1_sentence-patrick-connolly-victims-lives probably close to £ 50 000 as he paid for the house and family money

5- Her second husband that died of heart attack in Phuket was probably between £ 50 000 and £ 100 000

6- I personally never gave her 1 £ and I took back the business that I paid for initially..but she was living of me for 6 months on everything.


In December she called me on Face Time while completely wasted, and after a short conversation she walked in the kichen and cut herself on her hand /wrist. She showed me the blood and stopped answering the phone. Stupid as I am for believing her I had to beg thai friends to call her mother to warn her.. It was all a pathetic psycho show that she put in place as usual.

In January she was blocked from every possible account, Facebook, instagram, face time, phone, whats’ app.. But she was constantly creating new accounts in order to avoid the block, harassing me and pushing my nerves.. I’ve been gathering all those messages and sending them to the 54 yo guy that was with her for a year, he knew what happened but she kept tricking him in the most absurd ways.. Only later I got to know that she told him that all the screenshots I’ve been sending to him were fabricated by me and more absurdity .. I even offered him to come over and see with his own eyes directly from my phones. But the brain washing was so strong that he decided to trust her anyway.. He was supposed to move to thailand with her, he left his business in UK, and he was about to fly to thailand to live with her.

She made him pay another £4000 so her mother would move out of the house with her furniture and they would buy the new one when he moved in. Of course no one of this ever happened and her mother was complice with the scam. She later told me that she was planning this but that she was expecting to get away with more than £4000.. The day before he had the ticket booked for thailand she was already in UK telling him that she was in Thailand but that she changed her mind as he was too old.

Anyway once in UK she said that she found herself a job in a restaurant.. A thai place. In few occasions we talked she would describe how hard was for her to work for the first time in her life, she would describe her colleagues, the relationship with her boss.. and of course loads of other details.. At this point I couldn’t give less fucks obviously and I never believed one of her words. I blocked her anyway and left her out of my life.

Her sponsor called the immigration, the crime stoppers and reported her multiple times as she robbed him same as she did with everyone else.. Thinking that she could get away with it in the same way she did it for 7 + years..

She was blocked from everywhere as she even asked me to come over which I obviously refused. Around 2 February it came to my attention that she was sharing my Facebook account and name on thai groups warning other people that I beat her up, that she left me and that I was blackmailing her.. Clearly some of her friends found about the material that was shared online by her victims and she had to clean her face with her Facebook friends.. What she didn’t take into account was that I already had way too much of her shit and it was the time to stop all this.

Not only she cheated on me for 7 months with people older than my father, not only she was scamming me while she was scamming 3-4 more men at the same time.. Not only she lied every single day of our relationship .. But she was spreading lies and defamatory pictures just to keep her pathetic social life clean.

In February I finally found out all the truth that I was begging her for months. She of course never worked for a single day as her whole life, there was no thai restaurant.. She was a prostitute.

Penny's , Reviews on Sexy Asian Escorts. 2016-02-26 13-23-01

[customer reviews: http://www.sexyasianescorts.co.uk/reviews/penny_1050_reviews.html

http://007escorts.co.uk/all-reviews.html?escort=Penny ]

One of her victims found that she had escort profiles on escort websites even while she was with me in August and while she was in the other 2 relationships.. So to recap.. At the same time:

a)She was with me asking me to buy her ring, marry her, have a kid with her… letting me talk with her son on the phone.. talking with her mother..

b)She was with her “boss” that was paying all her bills and that was convinced that they were in a esclusive loving relationship and that they would marry and live together with her son (between £1000 and £2000 a month)

c)She was going on monthly basis to the other 59 years old man having sex with him for money..

d) She was getting $1300 a month from the men from Australia that was engaged with her too

e)She was escorting herself through online websites, there are customers reviews from August latest but she probably deleted her older profiles.

f)She was constantly cheating with random people met through dating websites / apps.

After talking with many of her victims I found out about her younger boyfriends.. The devastation that she left behind her was infinite and she was fully aware of it but she continued in doing so..

  • Her second husband died of heart attack and he was ONLY 43 years old, ask yourself why such a young man can die that easily, to whoever I spoke lately we all agreed that she tormented him for years and drove him crazy by cheating constantly and extorting money. She killed him.
  • Her 26 yo boyfriend went through a huge depression for months and had to take prescription meds for anxiety as the shock was too big
  • another victim went through a years long depression and is still paying another 7 months of loan he got into because of her
  • the ex boyfriend that made the first website about her was suicidal
  • another one had a heart attack but survived
  • her last sponsors was telling her that he wanted to jump down the bridge and she was sending me the screenshots of the conversations with him and laughing about it
  • I personally had panic attacks for 2 months and lost over 7 kg’s because of her..and I’m still fighting with post traumatic stress disorder. Finding the person that was asking a baby and a ring from you as a scammer and cheater was hard..but seeing her on escort websites offering CIM / OWO / RIM / GFE took it to on a whole new level…

When I first flied to UK and I had to fly back to Italy I left her £100 to go back to home as she was without money.. What she did instead was call her sponsor that was convinced that she was 2 weeks away with her girl-friend, he drove for 4 hours to pick her up, when he arrived she jumped in his hands and offered him a blow job on the road.. Less than 2 hours before she was sending me sad crying pictures of how she sad she was hat I had to go and how she already was missing me. This is the level of sickness and mental insanity she is capable of.

The links to her REAL JOB:






a review from august 2014


On this profile she states that she enjoys OWO CIM RIM GFE

O.W.O meaning Oral Without a Condom and

CIM meaning you Cum in her Mouth.

RIM meaning she licks the anus of her customer

GFE meaning that she offers a full girl friend experience.. the same experience that she offered to all her victims that weren’t aware that she was a prostitute….



_ _ _ _

A final message to all the future and potential victims. I am 27 years old. I run 2 successful companies, 100% self made, I consider myself a smart individual. I never went through something like this in my life ever, and if I knew, or if even suspected the truth when all this started I would never invest a minute of my life in a criminal scum like her.

She is a sociopath, a demonic narcissist and a manipulator. I have seen her cry at command, I have seen her swear on her son life hundreds of times without blinking an eye, and there wasn’t 1 single time that she haven’t lied.

I have seen her speak the worst things about her closer ‘’friends’’ which she don’t really have as everyone hates her, I have heard her speak the worst things about her family.. And I have heard her speak the worst words about all the men she slept with..and I’ve seen her say the same about me with the others..

A normal human being will fall for her no matter what, simply because the reality, the truth behind her is way too insane, unbelievable and unreal that you are forced to turn your head away, because it’s impossible that a human being like her can even exist on this planet. I felt for it even if I was controlling her Facebook, her phones, mails etc.. She managed to cheat and fuck dozen of men on my back.. She’s been doing this for 7 years and she is a complete PROFESSIONAL at it.. she’s an expert and she will deceive and lie no matter what. No matter how much money, love, attention and time is given to her, nothing will ever stop her.

An online extract about narcissist is a perfect description of her:

“Narcissists are disconnected from life; they have no knowledge, experience, or memory of love or caring. They cannot appreciate beauty. They are not able to replenish themselves; they have no internal resources and are at the mercy of other people giving them what they need. Once they have used up one person they move to the next. When you have recovered some energy that is worth taking, they return.

They know they will be ostracized from society if people know they have no ability to connect emotionally, so they develop in other areas to make themselves attractive – they develop in charm and charisma. But it is important to understand there is no one inside and every breath you spend communicating with them is wasted; they don’t understand and they cannot understand normal emotions.  They will copy emotional words because they have observed it is the best way to get what they want, but there is no substance to them; it is not their fault, but you must not have sympathy for them because they will use it.

They don’t know what loneliness and pain is; they only know that if they can make others feel it they can control them better.

It is a no-win situation and you must disconnect totally from these people. They suffer with a constant, torturous, empty boredom that cannot be healed.

They cannot be happy, they also cannot be sad. They are empty. They can only be temporarily filled up by adoration, but they are full of holes and it leaks out very quickly.

_ _ _

I would like to add a final note. I would have had nothing against her if I knew that she was a prostitute from the very start, I wouldn’t even have gone this far if she didn’t keep pushing me for months after she destroyed my life. She is still sending me mails, commenting on my pictures and trying to force herself in my life despite knowing that she destroyed 9 months of my existence.

This whole thing was never about the NEED.. it was and it always be about GREED. She has 2 houses in Thailand, cars, millions (baht) on her bank accounts. As can be seen from those screenshots she robbed over £300.000 from poor men that were in love with her, some went in debt, some went ruined.

She is loaded with money and all she cares about is party, shopping, make up, drugs, getting wasted and posting selfies on her social accounts. She is empty and that’s the only gain she got by destroying so many lives. She had the chance to have an easy honest work more than once, she had men that offered to pay for her bills but nothing of this ever stopped her and nothing ever will.. Until the justice finally crosses her path.


[edit: as per screenshots below she admitted that she cheated with 4 men in 6 months while with me. I know for a fact that it was at least 6. This blog is covered with screenshots and videos of how many times she begged me back when I tried to get rid of her. She would fuck someone the night before and in the morning she would start to stalk obsessively as can be seen from the video recorded here and from the screenshots below. The same night after the screenshots below she had sex with a random hookup in Bangkok and then night after flied to UK.


She cheated on weekly basis with a 54 yo man from Grimsby, then with another 59 yo from Luton. And then she would randomly have sex  with hookups from dating apps/websites. Any man that I contacted in the last months confirmed that she didn’t want to use condoms even if it was the first time they met, she did the same with me too when we first met 8 months ago.]

Foto del 17-06-15 alle 14.03 #3 #3

Just before S. Valentine our favourite Con Woman is on it again

Just two days before S. Valentine she tries again to invite me to ‘her’ place or for a walk and tells me how much she loves me, all this while swinging through the master questions of how she can afford to pay her rent.


I obviously refuse (again) as I wouldn’t touch her even with 5 pairs of gloves anymore.


After that she contacts her ex boyfriend B**, the guy that she was cheating on with half Lincoln before me, and the same guy that she was talking shit about (screenshots few posts down). He refuses too.


After that she contacts the girl I’ve been seeing for some time and tells her how she loves me to bits and what a great guy I am.


After such a desperate S. Valentine she manages to get some other poor victim and uses him to take pictures of him in a pathetic attempt to make me or someone else jealous. It didn’t work bae, can’t be jealous of a hoe, sorry.


During all this she is still conning a 50-60 yo man from N. England and having few other part time boyfriends.


[edit: she was also contacting her ex boyfriend from Holland at the same time telling to ALL of us how much she loved us, same words, same timing, same desperate prostitute sick head]



Penny Thai Asian Escort Reviews Bayswater Queensway & Paddington area

Penny Thai Asian Escort Reviews Bayswater Queensway & Paddington area


In my personal opinion being a professional prostitute is an completely acceptable life choice, unless you:


  • are engaged with 4 men at the same time and extorting money from each of them hiding the fact that you are in fact a cheating prostitute
  •  spend your life stalking all your exes tormenting them psychologically about how much you love them (each one of them at the same time)
  • spend your life looking down at whoever has done this profession in their past
  • have ruined dozen of lives just to gain some money instead of fully dedicating yourself to the prostitution from the very start
  • are a pathological liar and a narcissist sociopath that walks over anyone and anything without thinking at the consequences that your conning have caused to so many people in your life


The below pictures are the reviews and the escort websites advertisings of the international con woman and scam artist that have ripped of poor men for over 7 years, that managed to keep together 4 engagements at the same time while having sex with half Bangkok / London and escorting herself at the same time. Her name is Laksamon Yodseranee in art “Penny” and she offers her services in London from the Bayswater area (Qeensway / Paddington) , she is originally from Chaiyaphum Thailand.

[‘that’s not even my money I got pic from internet (and made a video with it ^_^) ]


She is also well known for not being a huge fan of condoms, sadly she is also a huge fan of selling herself as a family girl instead while she engages in random hookup sex with whoever pays her few drinks.

She is also working (escorting) illegally in UK with a tourist VISA and has been reported to various international agencies for the violations of the immigration law, fraud, scam,  theft and harassing.

Sexy Asian Escorts (@sxyasianescorts) | Twitter 2016-04-18 22-33-17Gorgeous Asian and Oriental Escorts in London by Asian Options Agency 2016-04-11 12-24-33Penny Olina Oriental Agency 2016-04-20 19-30-30Penny Olina Oriental Agency 2016-04-20 19-29-53Penny - Bayswater - Asian Options 2016-04-20 19-28-29Penny - Asian Options; Olina; 007 2016-04-20 19-27-35Laksamon Yodseranee 2016-04-20 19-31-58

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Immigration and fraud report from one of the victims:

To whom it may concern,

From 2009 until just recently I was in, what I thought to be a relationship with Laksamon Yodseranee (she calls herself Pairie, Peary or Pair/Pear), Thai national passport # c988292 (this is the number she gave me).
It has recently come to my attention that she has been conning me and has multiple “boyfriends” around the world (UK, Netherlands, Spain, Italy that I know of so far), and it appears is receiving money from many men who think that they are her exclusive boyfriend, as well as getting some of them to sponsor her for visas, spending a small amount of time with them and then going off to meet up with/find other men. She is it would appear an international con-woman and prostitute.
Over the last 6 years I estimate that I have sent her approximately $100,000 (Aus).
I am currently trying to research and contact as many of these men as possible to collaborate to form a timeline to show that there has been deception and fraud by her on many occasions. I already have names of 4 others and pictures showing her on various dating websites, one live sexcam website and some receipts of money received. You can see one disgruntled victim’s account at pairielaksamon.com (warning…this site does contain pornographic images of her)
During the six year period that I have known her I have provided her on four occasions with my required documentation to apply for visas to come to Australia. She was supposed to come to Perth to spend time with me. We were engaged in 2010 and on one of these occasions she was also to have started the application for the intention to marry visa.
Only on one occasion in all this time did she ever come to me in Perth and that was for 5 days only over the New Year period 09/10 or 10/11 (I can’t recall which year at the moment). She always told me that the tourist visas had been approved, I booked and paid for her airline ticket, but on three occasions I was left waiting at Perth airport and she never arrived. She always later gave excuses such as trouble with her family or that she was detained at the airport etc as to why she didn’t come. I now know that all of those times she was with other men, pretending to be in relationships with them too and deceiving them for money.

Knowing now what I have found out about her, I am concerned that she may have indeed been granted those visas (on the strength of my sponsorship) and actually come to Australia (without my knowledge) for other men, to work or for some other illegitimacy.

I now know her to be a person of unscrupulous character and I believe she should never be allowed into Australia.
When I have gathered all of the international evidence from all of the other men she has deceived I hope to provide it to whichever departments, governments, police/security/Interpol services as possible, and I will gladly cooperate with DFAT Australia in whatever way I can from preventing this woman from deceiving authorities and individuals any further.
In anticipation of your reply,
Paul ***** (Australian Citizen Passport # M9******)

25 December 2015: Operation ‘scam the sponsor’ completed – please take me back

[edit: I found in February 2016 that the same night she was sending me those messages she was having sex with her ex boyfriend in Phuket. Her sponsor flied back home to UK and she met her ex boyfriend the very same night, had sex with him and then spent the day and night begging me to let her come to UK, disgusting until the last]


[edit2: In March I found that she had sex with another man the very same week. So to recap:

  • begging me daily to get her back
  • sleeping for a week and having sex with her sponsor
  • on xmas eve she went out and had sex with her ex boyfriend
  • few days before she had another hookup

All this while her sponsor was waiting for her to come back from shopping or food in town. She asked him to marry her that very same week and scammed another £4000 few weeks after.]


[edit3: as seen from her mail admission she was in Phuket with the men that’s been paying for her bills for 14 months, she was asking him to marry him, took from him £1600 + another £4000 the very same month as he was supposed to move with her in her house with her son and they had to buy the new furniture, in 1 week she managed to have sex with 2 men and make a tattoo on her pussy while he was waiting for her in the hotel room]